We are currently recruiting for positions based at Toyota but working for Blue Arrow on a flexible contract.

Are you happy to continue with an online application which will take about 15 minutes?  
Where did you see the position advertised?  
Have you worked for either Toyota or Blue Arrow at Toyota before?  
Have you ever taken any test at Toyota before?  
Are you aged 18 or over?  
Do you hold a current European passport?  
Approximately how many miles do you live from the Toyota site?  
Do you have your own vehicle / transport that you can use to travel to work? (pedal bike acceptable if you live within 5 mile radius)  
Motivational Fitness
In your past jobs, what did you like least about the positions?  

The majority of the Toyota site currently operates on a two week rotating basis comprising of:

2 weeks Monday to Friday 7.30am to 3.48pm

2 weeks Monday to Thursday 8.30pm to 4.48am & Friday 6.30pm to 2.48am

Some parts of Toyota also operate a 3 shift pattern working:
1 week mornings (Early)
1 week afternoons (Middle)
1 week nights (Late)

Some areas also operate permanent days

Toyota can change your working shift pattern at short notice
Are you able to commit to all shift patterns?  
You are required to attend 15 minutes before your shift starts without pay for team briefing on any production issues with your Team Leader and some light warm up exercises. Are you prepared to do this?  
You may be required to work at least 2 hours mandatory overtime after each shift, would you be prepared to do this?  
You may occasionally be required to work overtime at weekends (when worked, usually this is a full shift on a Saturday). Would you be prepared to do this?